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The WallJuke MP3 started as an interesting project to allow the many idle jukebox wallbox units in collectors’ hands to behave as standalone jukeboxes. In the 50’s and 60’s these wallboxes would have been placed on each table in a typical American diner.

Customers would put their coins in the wallbox and make music selections from the comfort of their own tables. The wallbox sent a series of pulses to a jukebox in the corner, which would then select and play the required selections.

Wallboxes have now become very collectable, due to their relative small size and chromed aesthetic looks.

The WallJuke MP3 unit replaces the jukebox and contains all the music as MP3 files stored on an onboard MicroSD card. Connections are made to the wallbox in exactly the same way that the original jukebox would have been connected. It is therefore essential that the wallbox is in a fully functional condition before attempting to fit this unit. It will also of course need to be set to freeplay.

A discrete display is included which can be made visible from the outside of the wallbox, this shows selections and the song currently being played. It also functions for a menu system to allow various configuration options. Such as wallbox types, random play and even a coin operated system (however this does require a lot more work for the installer so may not appeal to most users) details of how to install this option can obtained on request.

I offer a number of 3D printed mounts which allow the display to be mounted on some of the more common wallboxes. If the display is not required to be mounted externally then simply connect it and leave it inside. After configuration it can in fact be removed completely (in my opinion the preferred option).

The WallJuke MP3 currently supports the following wallboxes:

  • Seeburg 3W1
  • Seeburg 3WA (200)
  • Seeburg SC consolette (160)
  • AMi W40
  • AMi 80
  • AMi 120
  • AMi WQ200
  • Wurlitzer 5250 (200)
  • Rockola 507 (160)
  • Rockola 1594 (100)

Some installations


From left to right: Wurlitzer 5250, Seeburg Consolette and Seeburg 3W1.

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    1. Greetings Peter. Pretty cool what you have developed.
      1. Can it be successfully installed by someone with absolutely no knowledge of electronics?
      2. Do you recommend a specific source for the power supply?
      3. How much for your unit shipped to the US? 3W1

      Warmest Regards,
      George Marinos

      • Hi
        Thankyou for your interest in Walljuke
        To install this unit does require a basic understanding of of wiring.
        The wallbox must also of course be in perfect working order. If you are unsure, it is always wise to
        seek advice.
        The Power supply can be any 9-12V regulated supply, as the guide suggests. There are thousands of suitable units on the market.
        The price of the walljuke is currently £99.99 GBP plus shipping. The website will be updated with more options shortly, such as details of display mounts and prices.

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